10 minutes with… Maia Lumsden

Ahead of the 2018 season, we picked out Maia Lumsden as one of the eight Brits to watch in 2018. As the Scot prepares for her second season as a full professional on the tennis tour, we sat down with Lumsden to ask her about her goals and aspirations for 2018.

How would you sum up your 2017 season?

2017 had its ups and downs but I was happy to finish the year with 5 titles. I felt my game improving throughout the year and one of the highlights was winning my first pro title in Wirral in February. One of the biggest lessons learnt was during Wimbledon qualifying, where I lost a very close one with quite a few chances but I came away feeling positive that I could compete with a good player and determined to bring that level more often. I played the most matches in a year in my career so far so I learned a lot about my game.

What was your favourite moment of the season?

My favourite moment of the season was playing for GB in the BNP Uni Masters in France. It was first time GB had won the event and everyone had some really good wins especially against USA in the final. It was an amazing week and was an unbelievable feeling winning with team!

You spent a lot of the 2017 season in and around Europe – will you be planning on travelling further afield to compete in bigger tournaments this year?

Yes in 2017 I played nearly all of my tournaments in 15ks in Europe. Now with my ranking a bit higher, I can get into bigger tournaments which means going further afield. The schedule looks like there’s quite a lot in Asia or USA which I think is a lot more exciting than going back to the same events in Europe.

What does your schedule look like for 2018?

I’m starting the year off at the Glasgow 25k at the end of January. It’s the only pro tournament in Scotland and in my home city so I’m always really excited for it and is always one of my favourite tournaments of the year.

Now you’ve experienced a full year as a professional, how would you describe the differences between junior and pro tennis? 

It’s pretty different from the end of juniors where you are playing the top events and junior grand slams to then kind of being back at the start and one of hundreds playing futures. But I like it because it feels like the real thing now. I think a difference from juniors is the players probably want it more as everyone is trying to make a living from the game. You can also play a lot more experienced players who are older and have been on the tour for years.

How important is playing in the doubles in your development?

I like to play an all court game-style so playing doubles a lot also improves my volleying on the singles court.

Are there any other upcoming players you think we should look out for?

I’m always supporting the rest of the Stirling and Scottish players. I feel like 2018 could be a big year for everyone there.

A huge thanks to Maia for her time and good luck ahead of the new tennis season! If you like what you see then you can follow The Big Racket on Twitter!

Maia Lumsden
Robbie Mendelson @ Flickr

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