How to enter the Wimbledon 2018 ballot

The Wimbledon 2018 ballot is now open and time is ticking if you want a shout at seeing your favourite tennis stars on the green grass of South West London next year. We all know that Wimbledon is famous for its traditions and so it probably isn’t surprising to hear that entering Wimbledon is about as old school as you can get! So here’s a step-by-step guide on how enter the ballot:

Step 1: Locate two envelopes and two stamps

The first thing you need to do is go to your dustiest draw, let the bats out, wipe away the cobwebs and get two envelopes. One envelope needs to be DL size – so that’s 110mm x 220mm – and the other needs to fit the first envelope inside (understand?).

Step 2: Write out a stamped, self-addressed envelope

On the DL envelope, write out your address. This is so the Wimbledon bosses can delicately fold the paper application form and send it back to you to fill out. Nobody said getting a ticket was easy!

Then you need to send it to the following address:

PO Box 98
SW19 5AE

If you require wheelchair access, you need to write WHEELCHAIR on both envelopes.

Step 3: Ask family and friends to use their address

The rules are that you can only have one application per household so you might want to ask your mates or relatives if they’d be happy to apply on your behalf.

Step 4: Wait to receive the ballot form

The Wimbledon crew will send you the Public Ballot form using your stamped, self-addressed envelope (now it’s starting to make sense!). According to the application site, the form will be with you within two weeks.

Step 5: Complete the form

When the form arrives, fill out the form. It’s a pretty straightforward process and you indicate which level of ticket you’d like. Once you’ve filled it out, send it to:

PO Box 67611
SW19 9DT

Then the wait begins.

The deadline for sending the completed application form is 31 December 2017. 

Good luck!

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