What happens when you combine the top 102 faces from the US Open men’s draw?

A Reddit user has combined the faces of the top 102 faces from this year’s US Open men’s draw and the results are pretty scary.


Osmutiar used some pretty cool software to mark focal points and get the average face mark before mashing the photos together. It’s a lot more complex than that but I think we can all agree it’s somewhat trippy.  And it’s not the first time they’ve done it either, following recent posts about female and male footballers.

So who does it most resemble and which player officially has the most average face in the top 102 at the US Open? I’m going for the love child of Andy Murray and Pablo Carreno Busta.

Whoever it resembles, it’s absolutely fantastic. Bravo, osmutiar – may your amazing creations continue!

Reddit Faces
Reddit user, osmutiar, put together the amazing image



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